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If challenge as a matter of fact is refusing to submit oneself to something, then I would say that life is a challenge to contend with. And if additionally, you decide to become a boxer, I would add that you have complicated the task.

I can talk about it, 20 years after having signed up for my first professional boxing license, sacrificed some neurons, trips, emotions, joys, pains and more or less serious injuries, my assessment is rather positive. I grew up with values of noble art. I discovered how to push my physical limits and achieve my goals.

Few sports require much physical faculties as well as mental faculties; we play football, rugby or pelota. In boxing, we don’t play, we fight.

The daily training of a boxer is a science; the boxer must find the perfect combination. A moderate intensity so as to avoid injuring oneself, and some rich and varied skills needed to progress.

With the fight approaching, training sessions are specified; we integrate some test matches which help in both physical and mental conditioning.

A difficult equation to solve for a boxer who has no boxing schedule. That was my case, I had no contract with an influential promoter, and neither was I an employee of a municipality that could organize matches to promote dynamism of the city. This means that the 2 or 3 fights per year that I was offered were fortuitous.

They could call me on Wednesday for a 10 round fight on Saturday against a world-renowned Boxer, it could be said that they invited me so as credit a victory to his record.

But that is, not counting on my motives, I am an avid athlete who has no need to plan for a due date for preparing myself for a fight all year round. I understand that in order to capitalize on experience, I had to travel.

In United States, I realize the importance Americans attach to nutritional preparation. In Cuba, I discovered the art of movement. In Mexico City, stances. In Russia, the style of boxers is academic but their patriotic determination makes it difficult to punch them. In Italy, hooking is a cleverly exploited technique.

The style of Spanish boxers is a colonial legacy, the technique is medieval, and they target the arms with their Jab like a battering ram, expecting that they will give in, and go down like a drawbridge before besieging you.

My trips to Thailand allow me to test my progress, while further conditioning me against fear; I practice my boxing moves in illegal bars.

I had improved my physical abilities just as much my cognitive abilities, I am competitive, ready to face all the challenges that will present themselves before me. (6 time- champion of France and two-time World Champion, Vice European Champion)

Today at 40, I really believe in the ascetic ideal, one becomes what one is. In order to heal oneself, it is necessary to know oneself. Shaping my mind in defying my physical limits is my remedy. I cultivate the idea of being stronger in offering my thoughts, a solid body close to the fight.

It is through this philosophical thought that my ideas become reality.

My dialectic gives as much physical life as cognitive to 2 gym mats.

They are not red, but I roll them to you so as to proudly welcome your body and mind.

Brice F.


Brice Faradji (click)